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Since the beginning of the Used golf ball industry there has been some controversy raised as to whether used golf balls retrieved from the water perform any different than new golf balls. Also, there has been controversy on whether a refinished golf ball can affect your game or not.


Recycled Golf Balls

The questioning of the performance of recycled balls may have been relevant years ago when balls were made differently, but golf balls today are constructed completely different and are very resilient. To help serve you best, we have created a grading scale based on condition.

What is a recycled golf ball?

After golf balls have been retrieved from some of the best courses across the United States, Golf Ball Divers uses a proprietary and environmentally friendly cleaning system designed to wash each ball without causing damage to its original condition.  We started out using buckets but have moved up to 350 gallon buckets with a crane to lift the balls out.  We have the capability to process 50,000 balls a day!

Once cleaned, the used golf balls are separated according to make, model, and condition. The condition of each golf ball determines its grade and allows us to systematically separate the good golf balls from the excellent golf balls. Learn more about our golf ball grading.

Refinished Golf Balls

Wondering what refinished balls are all about?

Our official pre-owned refinished golf balls are used golf balls that are reconditioned using a modern process in a factory that treats every ball like it was gold, white gold.

Golf Ball Divers only reconditions style specific golf balls, meaning only a used Titleist Pro V1x will be reconditioned into a mint refinished Titleist Pro V1x.

Only balls that are as close to perfect (if not perfect) in cover but are cosmetically challenged are refinished and sold.

NO ink marks. NO pen marks. NO team or corporate logos will appear on the golf ball.

Golf Ball Divers sells hundreds of thousands of these little gems around the world.

Did you know refinished golf balls have been formally accepted by the USGA. Rule 5-1/4 of the USGA rule!