GolfBallDivers.com offers top brands of used golf balls for less than half the price of new, including different models of the Titleist Pro V1 and Titlelist Pro V1x – two of the world’s best-selling golf balls. Both were designed to offer “total performance” so golfers no longer have to choose between distance and short-game control, and durability and soft feel.

Both the Titleist Pro V1 and Pro V1x feature a large resilient core, multi-component construction, and a cast urethane elastomer cover. Features include lower long game spin, more consistent flight, a soft feel, and “Drop-and-Stop greenside control.”  Compared to the Pro V1, the Pro V1x offers lower long game spin, a more penetrating trajectory and faster ball speeds.

We offer different models of the used Pro V1 and Pro V1x golf balls in three different grades – mint-condition (AAAAA/5A) golf balls, near-mint condition (AAAA/4A) and value-condition (AAA/3A).

GRADING SCALE https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/1996/5693/files/Titleist-ProV1-2014-Golf-Ball.jpg
Titleist ProV1 2014
2 dozen / Mint (AAAAA)
$37.99 /dz
4 dozen / Mint (AAAAA)
$75.99 /dz
GRADING SCALE Titleist ProV1 2014
Titleist ProV1 2014
Mint (AAAAA)
Sold Out!
Near Mint (AAAA)
Sold Out!
Value (AAA)
$10.99 /dz