Maxfli Revolution Mix

Maxfli Revolution Mix

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Product Description

Consistently outdrive the competition with Revolution Distance Golf Balls. The large, high C.O.R. core maximizes initial ball speed to generate fast, high and long trajectory. A cut-resistant ionomer cover features a dual radius dimple design to optimize initial launch while also providing crisp, soft feel off each club face. The distance-driven 2-piece construction equips Maxfli® Revolution Distance Golf Balls with game-changing performance.



  • Performance golf ball designed to promote incredible distance and superior feel.
  • High Coefficient of Restitution core maximizes initial ball speed to launch it fast, high, and long.
  • 85 compression rating provides a softer feel and more feedback than other comparable golf balls.
  • Cut-resistant ionomer cover creates a crisp, soft feel off every club and generates quality greenside spin.
  • High launching, low spinning dual radius dimple design optimizes initial launch for distance.
  • 2-piece construction maximizes distance and control.
  • Conforms to USGA Rules.
  • 12-Pack
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