Callaway sells top brands of used golf balls for less than half the price of new, including many Callaway models like the popular Callaway Chrome Soft, Supersoft and Superhot, each designed for specific styles of play.


The Callaway Chrome Soft with its 4-piece core and incredibly soft feel, is designed for exceptional distance and control into the green. The Supersoft golf ball is Callaway’s lowest compression ball with a soft cover and low-drag HEX Aerodynamics for long carry and longer distance. The Superhot golf ball is super long, straight, and designed to give you great feel.

These and our other Callaway used golf ball models, come in three different grades – Mint condition golf balls (AAAAA /5A), Near Mint condition (AAAA / 4A) and Value condition (AAA /3A).






Callaway Tour i

Tungsten-Infused outer core provides a crisp feelDual Core combines a lower compression inner core inside a higher compression outer core to improve spinSofter thermoset urethane cover provides unmatched feel with increased short-game controlHigh density mantle layer works with the dual...

Callaway HX Red

3-piece patented thexagon dimple pattern Improved low-speed lift and reduced high-speed drag Unsurpassed flight stability Penetrating ball flight Soft Urethane cover offers great feel with unmatched spin around the green      

Callaway HX Tour

Patented HEX Aerodynamic pattern optimized for stronger ball flight, greater potential distanceNew chemical composition gives HX Tour a large rubber core that's fast and soft, improving distance and feelOne-of-a-kind HEX Aerodynamics a virtually seamless cover, enhanced shot-to-shot consistency