Other Brands

We pride ourselves on giving you the best brands for less than half the price of new. Here, you will find awesome brands such as Pinnacle, Top-Flite, Wilson, Kirkland Signature and Maxfli. We guarantee that you will love our golf balls. And the best part? They come direct from the divers who pick them from the ponds. No middle men here!

Dixon Mix

It is 100% recyclable and enhances performance Dixon Earth outperforms even some of the best three-piece balls on the market in competitive tests Dixon Earth does not use harsh heavy-metal pollutants like tungsten, cobalt and lead Even the packaging of...

Top Flite Mix

High Resiliency Core Ionomer Cover Distance Dimple Technology

48 Top Flite Strata Mix

Tour advanced technology combines circular & geometric shaped dimples to reduce wind resistance and improve distance. Combining this technology with multi layer construction lowers spin off the tee but increases distance. The thin urethane cover provides spin and feel around the green...

Top-Flite Mix 48-pack Net Bag


Wilson Mix 48-pack Net Bag


Pinnacle Mix 48-pack Net Bag


Maxfli Mix 48-pack Net Bag


Top Flite Molitor

Spalding Molitor is designed for ultimate distance. The all-new Super Reactive Titanium Core produces high energy and superior distance, while an Ionomer Cover enhances initial velocity and flight. Features: Super Reactive Titanium Core with high-energy performance delivers ultimate distance Ionomer...

48 Top Flite Spalding Mix

Oversized Pure Soft Power Core with high-energy performance Super-Soft Polymer Skin has a soft surface that grants low wind-resistance for exceptional distance and ultimate spin control Superior feel and greenside control Stable flight trajectory 50 Compression

Dulop Yellow 12 Pack Brand New

Dunlop golf balls Twelve pack golf balls Color is yellow

Volvik Color Mix

Extremely bright and stylish color.Soft feel and excellent visibility.Stable and consistent flight.Longer distance for slower swing speeds.Consistent and accurate green control.

Wilson Staff Mix

These packs will be a random mix og the new Staff range such as DX2, DX3, TX4, Duo, Fifty, ZIP etc

Pinnacle Bling Assorted Colors

Pinnacle Bling Mix Pinnacle Bling: equipped with the reliable Pinnacle technology. It offers much distance and good control without having to abstain from soft feel on short and long game shots. It offers a long and straight ball flight. The...

Wilson Duo Mix

4 Piece design with soft, durable Urethane cover Designed for players with a swing speeds from 98-105 MPH 352 dimple pattern for stable flight Increased spin for control on all shots Mix contains model years prior to 2014    ...

Vice Mix

Mix of assorted Vice models such as: Pro, Pro+ and Drive. There may be other models along with an assortment of colors.

Volvik Crystal Mix

Volvik Crystal is a premium level 3-piece golf ball designed for advanced golfers with slow to medium swing speeds. Volvik Crystal elevates short game control with a soft feel and low compression control core. Featuring a highly visible, gorgeous Surlyn...

Volvik Vivid

ncrease your visibility on the course with the Volvik Vivid Matte Black Golf Balls. Equipped with the high-quality, high-visibility Vivid matte finish, these balls have been explicitly designed to bolster distance and improve accuracy. Enlarged inner core increases distance for...

Kirkland Mix

Golf equipment magazines, blogs, and players all weighed in on the new ball with 99% of reviews being very positive Kirkland signature three-piece urethane cover golf ball performance Conforms with USGA and R&A Rules Note: These are used golf balls...

Wilson FG Tour/FG Tour X

The sofest core in the game today utilizes advancements in rubber chemistry to maintain high initial velocity The speed generating HPF mantle encases the low compression core to generate higher spin A super thin urethane cover provides premium feel with...

Wilson Duo Spin

Wilson Staff DUO Spin Golf Balls Prior Generation The 35 compression DUO Spin golf ball from Wilson Staff is the World’s Softest Multilayer ball. Featuring similar distance and soft feel characteristics inherent in the DUO, the DUO Spin presents the...

Wilson Duo Soft

Get excellent distance performance with a soft feel from Wilson Staff’s Duo Soft Golf Balls. Players will love the soft feel these 29 compression rated balls provide. They are one of the lowest compression balls on the market. Ball flight...

Wilson Duo Professional Matte Mix/White

Wilson Staff has put their best technology to work in order to create their best feeling Urethane golf ball yet with the DUO Professional Yellow Golf Balls. For long distance, the DUO Professional uses a low compression core to offer...

Wilson Sponge Bob

SpongeBob SquarePants is an official golf ball from Wilson Golf! The SpongBob golf ball is made out of the original Titanium golf ball. It has a true titanium core which results in maximum energy transfer for the longest distances you...

Wilson Hope Mix

Soft Cover and compression make this ball easy to hit Great feel and distance for the woman golfer Play the best ball for a fraction of the new ball price Our recycled golf balls mean performance is not compromised Each...